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Ken Saves Barbieville!

posted Jun 06, 2014 01:13:59 by SusanYork
AP - Barbieville experienced another tragedy today as BarbieDoll Airlines 737 crashed today. Ken was piloting the airplane when he experienced an engine flame out which resulted in an in-cabin fire. Barbie was in the co-pilots chair when Ken had her put on a parachute and jump to safety while he attempted to land the ailing plane.
During the landing the plane began to break up and Ken had to land short of the runway in order to save lives on the ground and spare Handler Regional Airport any long term damage. The airplane broke apart upon hitting the ground leaving Ken with 3 fractured ribs, a broken ankle, a broken arm and a severe concussion. Meanwhile, Barbie slowly made her way to the ground in her parachute and had no injuries except for a minor sprained ankle. She was treated at the scene and released to the care of her friend PJ. Ken was taken to the hospital by ambulance and treated for his injuries and remained at Handled Hospital for 4 days while he recuperated with Barbie by his side.
Clean- up and rescue crews have been on the scene of the accident most of the afternoon and expect to still be fighting the fires into the night. This latest accident has not been good for Barbieville. Last year Barbieville dealt with the Earthquake that rocked the Southern Island. Mayor Barbie said "the clean up from that is continuing and we should expect bigger and better attractions to the city in the months to come". Tourist attractions have been experiencing a downturn lately because of the mishaps that keep occurring in Barbieville
Nancy White, Head of the DRD (Disaster Relief Department ) said she expects the clean- up efforts of the latest disaster to be resolved quickly. "Thanks to Kens quick thinking there really is very little damage" She said in an interview shortly after the crash.
Susan York, Head of Resort Safety, said travelers are safe and the fires from the crash will have no effect on the airport or attractions. Ms York also said, " Travelers need not worry about their safety, BarbieDoll Airlines is still one of the safest ways to travel in the U.S. " The NTSB is looking into the crash to determine the cause of the crash. The investigation is expected to take six months or more.
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